Since the first conference in 2008, ECIO has established itself as the world's largest interventional oncology meeting. This meeting annually attracts over 1,000 participants from across a number of specialties: in 2014, a full 45% of delegates were non-radiologists - clearly demonstrating the growing clinical importance of the therapies being discussed.
Interventional radiologists have always made an important contribution to the palliation of cancer patients and in recent years, potentially curative interventional radiological procedures have been developed, enabling them to contribute even more to the field of oncology. Thus, interventional oncology is fast becoming the fourth oncological discipline, alongside surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

This rapid shift makes it important to focus on every aspect of this important subject, and to explore not only technological developments, but also issues relating to training and practice. ECIO makes an important contribution in this regard, as it offers comprehensive coverage of new developments and allows interventional radiologists the opportunity to keep up to date with this subject, which has great strategic importance for the specialty.