Clinical evidence is vital to support the development and dissemination of image-guided oncological therapies. While the ECIO scientific programme features a vast range of scientific data, the CIRSE Society itself is also actively involved in the acquisition of clinical data. The Society carries out registries to help bolster the evidence base upon which our dynamic specialty relies. This is done either independently or in collaboration with our fellow societies.

CIRSE Registry Model: 4 quality principles:

  • Produce high quality clinical data
  • Conduct ethical research
  • Conduct clinical research in an efficient and cost-effective manner
  • Provide a valuable Member Service

Please go to the CIRSE Registries page to learn more about the CIRSE Registry Model.

CIRSE is currently running 4 registries. Please click the following banners for more information on the study objectives, Steering Committee members and methods/ enrolment data.





Should you wish to get in touch for more information about our registry model or the currently running registries, please don’t hesitate to contact the Clinical Research Department at