ECIO 2018


Submit your abstracts and join us in Vienna!

We caught up with ECIO 2018 SPC Chairperson Afshin Gangi and Deputy Chairperson Alban Denys to find out what's going on at the world's largest IO conference in Vienna on April 22-25, 2018!


ECIO 2017


ECIO 2017: Leading the way in IO

We spoke with delegates to find out why they came to ECIO, what their highlights were and what they think of the European Conference on Interventional Oncology. We hope you enjoy!



Treatment Methods and Latest Research in Early-stage HCC

According to the BCLC staging, early-stage hepatocellular carcinoma is categorised as patients with a good performance status (PS 0) and Child-Pugh scores of A or B with up to three tumour nodules each measuring less than 3 cm. In this video filmed at ECIO 2017, Dr. Lambros Tselikas, Dr. Laura Crocetti and Prof. Vincenzo Mazzaferro talk about different treatment methods and research being done on early-stage HCC today.



Intermediate-stage HCC: Exploring Treatment Options

While the classically recommended treatment option for intermediate-stage HCC patients is transarterial chemoembolisation (TACE), this decision should always be made on an individual case basis and other options are worth considering, such as radioembolisation and percutaneous ablation. In this video filmed at ECIO 2017, Prof. Tobias Jakobs, Prof. Riad Salem and Prof. Thomas Helmberger discuss the future of intermediate-stage HCC treatment, with a particular focus on the advances in radioembolisation.


ECIO 2016


ECIO 2016: A glimpse of the congress

Interventional radiologists from around the world, along with many of their oncologist colleagues, attended this year's ECIO congress to learn more about advances in interventional oncology. Find out more about why they took part, and why they'll be joining us again in Bilbao, Spain for ECIO 2017.



ECIO 2016: Ablation of lung cancers

Thermal ablation is a valuable tool in the fight against lung cancers, offering a minimally invasive, reiterative treatment that is often suitable for patients who are deemed unfit for surgery or SBRT.

Alice Gillams, Jens Ricke and Peter Kennedy discuss the advantages of the therapy, how it can be integrated into a multidisciplinary setting, and where the data is taking us.



ECIO 2016: Bone cancer interventions

Percutaneous bone ablation, peripheral cementoplasty and percutaneous osteosynthesis are several of the palliative and, in some cases, curative techniques that interventional radiologists use today to combat bone metastases in cancer patients.



ECIO 2016: Colorectal liver metastases

With a wide range of minimally invasive, image-guided therapies available for treating this disease, interventional oncology now plays an important role in the multidisciplinary management of metastatic colorectal liver cancer patients.


ECIO 2014


ECIO 2014: The Leading Conference in Interventional Oncology

Interventional radiologists from around the world gathered at ECIO 2014 in Berlin to discuss new developments and innovations in interventional oncology.

More cutting-edge research will be discussed at ECIO 2015, which takes place in Nice, France from April 22-25.



ECIO 2014: Introduction to the Scientific Programme 

The European Conference on Interventional Oncology welcomes delegates and expert faculty from all over the world to discuss the latest advances in image-guided minimally invasive medicine in the treatment of cancer. Dr Thierry de Baère, ECIO 2014 Chairperson, gives a summary of the scientific programme.



ECIO 2014 Technology Snapshot: Siemens' Multimodality Imaging

Interventional radiologist Prof. Afshin Gangi from Strasbourg, France discusses the benefits of Siemens' multimodality imaging technologies, which were showcased at ECIO 2014.



ECIO 2014 Technology Snapshot: TheraSphere

Interventional radiologist Dr. Riad Salem from Chicago, USA gives an overview of BTG's radioembolic TheraSpheres, which were showcased at ECIO 2014.



ECIO 2014 Technology Snapshot: MicroThermX

Interventional radiologist Dr. Dennis Tonner Nielsen from Aarhus, Denmark gives an overview of Terumo's MicroThermX ablation system, which was showcased at ECIO 2014.



ECIO 2014 Technology Snapshot: SIR-Spheres

Interventional radiologist Dr. Phil Boardman from Oxford, UK gives an overview of Sirtex's radioembolic SIR-Spheres, which were showcased at ECIO 2014.


ECIO 2013



ECIO 2013 - Official Video

ECIO welcomes delegates and expert faculty from all over the world to discuss the latest advances in interventional oncology.

ECIO 2013 took place in Budapest, Hungary from 19-22 June 2013.



Collaboration in Cancer Treatment: ECIO meets ILCA

The European Conference on Interventional Oncology met the International Liver Cancer Association during ECIO 2013 and discussed the latest image-guided minimally invasive developments in the treatment of liver cancer.



Interventional oncology and radiation oncology: 5 minutes with Andy Adam and Liz Kenny

Dr Liz Kenny (radiation oncologist) and Prof Andy Adam (interventional radiologist) give an open account on how the two disciplines can collaborate to improve the care of patients with cancer.


ECIO 2012 


The Third European Conference on Interventional Oncology (ECIO 2012)

Participants and faculty at Europe's premier interventional oncology meeting talk about the success of ECIO and the value of attending.

ECIO 2012 took place in Florence, Italy from 25-28 April 2012.



Interdisciplinary Collaboration at ECIO: Bring Your Referring Physician

Interdisciplinary collaboration remained a cornerstone of ECIO 2012, with the innovative "Bring Your Referring Physician" programme once again attracting numerous oncologists, hepatologists and surgeons to the conference.

We look forward to seeing you at ECIO 2013, June 19-22, in Budapest, Hungary!