Hands-on Training

Safe sedation application during IR procedures

This practical workshop will give participants the opportunity to perform procedural sedation in a simulated environment and inform them on the most common respiratory problems during procedural sedation, as well as which instruments are available to make these interventions safer.

The simulation set-up consists of a full-scale patient simulator with capnography, BIS monitoring and TIVA/TCI pumps.

Participants will perform these therapies under the supervision of AQAI’s experienced trainers.

Learning objectives:

  • To apply procedural sedation using different approaches
  • To identify complications and challenges during procedural sedation
  • To judge on the value of various monitoring technologies
  • To recognise the additional value of capnography during sedation

SED-HO 1: Tuesday, April 9; 10:30-12:00
SED-HO 2: Tuesday, April 9; 13:00-14:30
SED-HO 3: Tuesday, April 9; 15:00-16:30

SED-HO 4: Wednesday, April 10; 08:30-10:00
SED-HO 5: Wednesday, April 10; 10:30-12:00
SED-HO 6: Wednesday, April 10; 13:00-14:30



Please note that participation will be free of charge, but places are limited to 25 people per session and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.
As HDT sessions offer practical medical training, participation is for qualified medical professionals only.