Multidisciplinary Tumour Boards

These tumour boards enable participants to actively discuss treatment strategies for primary lung cancer and metastases as well as kidney cancer cases. Guided by the mixed-specialty panel, the audience can learn about optimal therapeutic approaches and discuss the likely outcomes.

Monday, April 23
MTB 1202 Primary lung cancer and metastases
  Coordinators: T. de Baère (Villejuif/FR), S.B. Solomon (New York, NY/US)
K.U. Dieckmann (Vienna/AT) - Radiotherapist
M. Fuchs (Munich/DE) - Oncologist
T.K. Helmberger (Munich/DE) - Interventional Radiologist
J. Jougon (Pessac/FR) - Surgeon
E.F. Smit (Amsterdam/NL) - Oncologist
Tuesday, April 24
MTB 1501 Kidney cancer
  Coordinators: D.J. Breen (Southampton/UK), E. de Kerviler (Paris/FR)
T. Nielsen (Aarhus/DK) - Surgeon
M. Schmidinger (Vienna/AT) - Oncologist
G. Tsoumakidou (Lausanne/CH) - Interventional Radiologist