Basic Course

MSK in oncology

This new format aims to offer a basic course series for beginners, focusing on a different organ each year. At ECIO 2018, the topic of this six-hour course will be MSK in oncology and will feature three distinct sessions, structured according to the content included in the new European Curriculum and Syllabus for IR. It will allow a limited number of participants to receive a comprehensive overview of the topic, from diagnostics, imaging, treatment to follow-up. At the end of this interactive course, each participant will receive a confirmation of attendance.

  Sunday, April 22, 17:00-19:00
BC 503 Fundamentals of IO in bone and image-guided biopsy
Basic diagnostic imaging of bone tumours
A. Feydy (Paris/FR)
Image guidance and needles for bone biopsy
R.L. Cazzato (Strasbourg/FR)
Techniques, tips and tricks for spine, peripheral bones and soft tissues biopsy
D.K. Filippiadis (Athens/GR)
  Monday, April 23, 17:00-19:00
BC 1203 Percutaneous ablation of bone and soft tissue lesions
Principles, advantages and disadvantages of the ablation techniques (ethanol, laser, RFA, MWA, cryo and HIFU) available for bone tumours
D.K. Filippiadis (Athens/GR)
Basic protective measures to be adopted during bone ablation
D.K. Filippiadis (Athens/GR)
Indications, technique and results for painful benign bone tumours
A. Feydy (Paris/FR)
Algorithm and techniques for malignant bone tumours management (curative vs palliative; associated consolidate treatments)
R.L. Cazzato (Strasbourg/FR)
  Tuesday, April 24, 17:00-19:00
BC 1903 Spinal intervention: interventions in vertebral body compression fractures (VBCF)
Indications, technique and results for vertebroplasty
A. Feydy (Paris/FR)
Indications, technique and results for vertebral augmentation
D.K. Filippiadis (Athens/GR)
Ablation, embolisation, surgery and vertebral augmentation in malignant bone tumours
R.L. Cazzato (Strasbourg/FR)

Pre-registration is required for the Basic Course (at no extra cost) and will be available in January.