Basic Course - Liver

This session format aims to offer a basic course series for beginners, focusing on a different organ each year. At ECIO 2019, the topic of this six-hour course will be Liver and will feature three distinct sessions, structured according to the content included in the new European Curriculum and Syllabus for IR. It will allow a limited number of participants to receive a comprehensive overview of the topic, from diagnostics, imaging, treatment to follow-up. At the end of this interactive course, each participant will receive a confirmation of attendance.

  Monday, April 8, 17:00-19:00
BC 503 Fundamentals in liver IO intervention

Imaging and biopsy of liver tumours: what an IO should know
R. Duran (Lausanne/CH)
Anatomy of liver arteries: tips and tricks for catheterism
J.K. Bell (Manchester/UK)
Ablation tools for liver tumours: RFA, cryo and microwave; multipolar and monopolar
C. van der Leij (Maastricht/NL)
Embolisation products: beads, lipiodol and others
L. Tselikas (Villejuif/FR)
  Monday, April 9, 17:00-19:00
BC 1203 Ablation and TACE of liver tumours
Ablation of primary liver tumours: good indications and methods
C. van der Leij (Maastricht/NL)
Ablation of metastatic liver tumours: when ablation should replace surgery
L. Tselikas (Villejuif/FR)
TACE of HCC: how to make it and how to manage the patient
R. Duran (Lausanne/CH)
TACE and ablation complications: how to recognise and manage them
J.K. Bell (Manchester/UK)
  Wednesday, April 10, 17:00-19:00
BC 1903 Radioembolisation

Currently available tools: resin glass, Yttrium, Holmium and others
R. Duran (Lausanne/CH)
Dosimetry for radiologists: understanding the dose
J.K. Bell (Manchester/UK)
Radioembolisation in HCC patients: good indications and good practice
C. van der Leij (Maastricht/NL)
Radioembolisation out of HCC: CRC, ICC, melanoma and others…
L. Tselikas (Villejuif/FR)


Please note that participation will be free of charge, but places are limited to 40 people and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.