Learning Centres & Corporate Workshops

The Learning Centres and Corporate Workshops at ECIO 2018 will provide an excellent opportunity for all congress delegates to test the latest interventional devices, gain hands-on experience with new equipment and talk to industry representatives.

Please note that CIRSE is not responsible for the information provided at the Learning Centres and Corporate Workshops.


Procedure basics to support oncological treatment

Make sure to drop by the Cook Booth where there will be three workstations set up throughout the conference. The workstations will cover different devices for PICC line placement, embolisation and percutaneous biliary interventions.

Learning objectives:

  • To place a central line peripherally for chemotherapy delivery
  • To obtain secure and effective coil embolisation
  • To access and manage malignant biliary or urinary obstructions

Programme will be announced shortly

Programme will be announced shortly

Liver cancer interactive workshop

As part of Terumo’s continuing commitment to Interventional Oncology and physician educational program, we are running hands-on workshops in our learning centre at ECIO.

These interactive workshops will give physicians the opportunity to have a practical experience with the technological and procedural choices that the Terumo IO toolkit can provide in the treatment of liver cancer. As part of the session physicians can also find out more information about Terumo’s Interventional Oncology clinical study program.