Honorary Lecture

As one of the highlights of ECIO 2017, CIRSE is extremely honored to welcome Doctor Jean Palussière to deliver the Honorary Lecture.

Dr. Jean Palussière studied medicine and graduated from Bordeaux University. Following medical school, he completed his residency in Bordeaux. His first internship was in an intensive care unit, following which he opted to pursue radiology. During different internships, he progressively became familiar with vascular and interventional radiology.

At the end of his residency, he moved to Central Africa for a one-year sabbatical, where he took part in different health missions in the equatorial forest (North Congo). He returned to Bordeaux to be an assistant for two years in the vascular radiology department under Prof. Nicolas Grenier. Towards the end of 1995, to prepare for the future launch of the interventional radiology unit at Institut Bergonié, Jean moved to Institut Gustave Roussy, Villejuif, for six months where he met Prof. Alain Roche and Dr. Thierry de Baère. These six months proved to be decisive; he gained a lot of experience in this dedicated IR department that was the first of its kind in France. As well as teaching him numerous technical skills, the remarkable organisation was a source of motivation and inspiration.

Back in Bordeaux, he started to develop IR at Institut Bergonié. In 1999, the first angiosuite was installed and in 2002, the anaesthetists agreed to work in the CT room. Soon after, the first patients were treated with radiofrequency ablation for lung tumours. Since the beginning, the close partnership with Institut Gustave Roussy and Thierry de Baère led to the creation of a common database and numerous collaboratory articles. In parallel, Dr. Palussière was carrying out research on HIFU and MR thermometry in Chrit Moonen’s university laboratory. Ablation in clinical practice was rapidly growing and alongside cementoplasty, became the main expertise developed in Bergonié.

In 2012, the arrival of Xavier Buy, the former right-hand man of Afshin Gangi, contributed to the growth of IR in the hospital. Now, along with Vittorio Catena, three interventional radiologists work in the department.

Dr. Palussière has been a guest speaker at different universities and conferences across Europe and the USA due to his expertise in thermal lung and breast tumour ablation. Since 2003, he has been a member of CIRSE and an active participant at the annual congress, and at the ECIO meeting, where he has given countless presentations on the treatment of lung and breast tumours.

Jean Palussière is married and has 3 children. An avid outdoors-man, he could only be induced to leave the IR field by ‘a life in the mountains’. Ski touring is one of his main passions.

Honorary Lecture
Metastatic colorectal cancer and percutaneous thermal ablation: a happy marriage?

Monday, April 24, 10:30-11:30, Main Auditorium (Sala A1)