Oncology Alliance Subcommittee

In the recent years, CIRSE has been very active in supporting the role of the interventional oncology in modern cancer care. This has been orchestrated within the framework of the Oncology Alliance Subcommittee (OAS), which was established by the CIRSE Executive Committee in 2013 as the Society’s expert body regarding Interventional Oncology.

The role of the OAS has since been to consult the CIRSE leadership on all questions relating to Interventional Oncology, guide the Society’s activities with regards to IO registries, and to propose and develop projects and initiatives that will help IO establish itself as the fourth pillar of cancer care.

Flagship initiatives launched by the OAS include the Interventional Accreditation Scheme for Interventional Oncology Services (IASIOS), CIRSE’s membership in ECCO  and the IO Curriculum, a complimentary document to the European Curriculum and Syllabus, covering a broad spectrum of additional knowledge for IRs wanting to gain a deeper competency in interventional oncology. The OAS is also actively promoting and developing IO through collaborations with other organisations involved in cancer care, such as ECCO and other professional societies. 

Convening twice per year on the occasions of ECIO and the CIRSE Annual Congress, the OAS provides an invaluable resource of expertise that enables CIRSE to focus on this growing field.

Andreas Adam      Chairperson                                         
Thierry de Baère  
José Ignacio Bilbao  
Alban Denys  
Afshin Gangi  
Thomas Helmberger  
Liz Kenny  
Riccardo Lencioni  
Philippe Pereira  

For more information on the Oncology Alliance Subcommittee, please contact
us at boardrelations@cirse.org