IO Curriculum

In recent years, the demand for minimally-invasive cancer treatments performed by interventional oncologists has increased significantly. In response to this growing interest, CIRSE established a task force in 2017 dedicated to producing a curriculum for this branch of IR. The Curriculum for Interventional Oncology will be an educational guide, written by IO specialists, that has been designed to support and facilitate high quality IO training. This greatly anticipated document will be published in 2019.

The role of the IO Curriculum is to:

  • serve as a complementary document to the European Curriculum and Syllabus for IR, which already contains the basic elements of IO
  • offer a more comprehensive and in-depth overview for IRs who wish to learn more about IO topics such as medical oncology, immunotherapy, radiotherapy, etc. 
  • contribute significantly towards the evolving role and visibility of IR in Europe
  • help ensure that doctors trained in IO are capable of fulfilling their roles safely and effectively

IO Curriculum Task Force

Thierry de Baère Chairperson
Andrés Cervantes  
Otto van Delden  
Lukas Hechelhammer  
Guillaume Louvel   
Franco Orsi  
Jean Palussière   
Pramod Rao  
Maxime Ronot  
Bruno Sangro  
Max Seidensticker  
Georgia Tsoumakidou  
Raman Uberoi