Satellite Symposia

Company-sponsored Satellite Symposia take place at lunchtime as well as in the morning and in the evening. They provide cutting-edge information on interventional equipment and techniques.


Sunday, April 22
  12:15-13:45, Main Auditorium
SY 301 The future of SIRT; evolving liver cancer treatment strategies
  Moderator: A. Denys (Lausanne/CH)
301.1 The current HCC and mCRC guidance and where could changes be implemented?
  A. Denys (Lausanne/CH)
301.2 Worlds first 1,000 HCC patient data; institutional decision to move Y90 glass SIRT to 1st line
  R. Salem (Chicago, IL/US)
301.3 SIRT as part of a curative intent strategy; the surgeons opinion
  D. Seehofer (Leipzig/DE)
301.4 At what stage should we be treating our mCRC patients with SIRT?
  R. Hickey (New York, NY/US)
301.5 Personalising the absorbed dose we’re delivering
  E. Garin (Rennes/FR)
301.6 Question and answer
  A. Denys (Lausanne/CH)
  13:45-14:30, Main Auditorium
SY 302 Transforming care delivery in interventional oncology
302.1 CT guided interventions with a mobile tablet
  M. May (Erlangen/DE)
302.2 Angio-CT systems: a roadmap for precision therapy in interventional oncology
  B.C. Odisio (Houston, TX/US)
  18:30-19:15, Auditorium 2
  Boston Scientific
SY 601 DEB TACE & HCC: the optimal patient profile
  Moderators: J.I. Bilbao (Pamplona/ES), T.K. Helmberger (Munich/DE)
601.1 Clinical overview and therapy selection
  R. Golfieri (Bologna/IT)
601.2 Responsive patients & their disease characteristics
  G.M. Richter (Stuttgart/DE)
601.3 Patient selection for 40µm treatment
  U. Teichgräber (Jena/DE)
Monday, April 23
  12:15-13:00, Main Auditorium
SY 1001 Medtronic driving evidence in interventional oncology
  Moderator: R. Sharma (London/UK)
1001.1 State of the art: review of current evidences and guidelines for thermal ablation
  P.L. Pereira (Heilbronn/DE)
1001.2 Lung ablation: current role versus surgery and radiotherapy
  T.J. Vogl (Frankfurt/DE)
1001.3 Colorectal liver metastases: when to resect and when to ablate (COLLISION trial update)
  M.R. Meijerink (Amsterdam/NL)
1001.4 Colorectal liver metastases: when to resect and when to ablate
  P. Van den Boezem (Nijmegen/NL)
  13:00-13:45, Main Auditorium
  Terumo Europe
SY 1002 The great debate
  Moderators: D. Arnold (Hamburg/DE), T. de Baère (Villejuif/FR)
1002.1 Setting the scene
  D. Arnold (Hamburg/DE)
1002.2 HCC - Multiple lesions, multiple choices, how to proceed?
  R. Iezzi (Rome/IT)
1002.3 Ablate, TACE, SIRT:  How to choose? - discussion expert panel
  B. Sangro (Pamplona/ES)
1002.4 Consensus
  B. Sangro (Pamplona/ES)
1002.5 mCRC – Failed two lines of systemic therapy, could local therapy be best option?
  I. Bargellini (Pisa/IT)
1002.6 SIRT, TACE? Which one? Why?  – discussion expert panel
  M.G.E.H. Lam (Utrecht/NL)
1002.7 Consensus
  R. Sharma (London/UK)
1002.8 Conclusions and take home message
  T. de Baère (Villejuif/FR)
  13:45-14:30, Main Auditorium
SY 1003 New perspectives in cTACE to improve the HCC patient outcome
  Moderator: T. de Baère (Villejuif/FR)
1003.1 Towards cTACE standardization through a new device
  T. de Baère (Villejuif/FR)
1003.2 Idarubicin within cTACE: a new option to fight HCC?
  B. Guiu (Montpellier/FR)
1003.3 Place of cTACE in future HCC management: the gastroenterologist’s point of view
  L. Bolondi (Bologna/IT)
  18:30-19:15, Auditorium 2
SY 1301 The evidence for improved patient outcomes with SIR-Spheres Y-90 resin microspheres
  Moderator: D. Arnold (Hamburg/DE)
1301.1 The place of SIRT in mCRC and HCC treatment guidelines
  D. Arnold (Hamburg/DE)
1301.2 Clinical news on treatment with SIR-Spheres
  J. Ricke (Munich/DE)
1301.3 Optimising SIRT outcomes through practice insights
  I. Bargellini (Pisa/IT)
Tuesday, April 24
  13:00-13:45, Main Auditorium
SY 1701 Solutions to save valuable time and gain efficiencies in interventional oncology procedures
  Moderator: T. de Baère (Villejuif/FR)
1701.1 Infinix-i 4D CT : The missing link in the IR suite
  E. de Kerviler (Paris/FR)
1701.2 Combined procedures using Infinix-i 4D CT
  A. Gangi (Strasbourg/FR)
  13:45-14:30, Main Auditorium
SY 1702 Immunotherapy; Combination with Cryoablation, TACE or SIRT
  Moderator: R. Sharma (London/UK)
1702.1 Immunotherapy recap
  R. Sharma (London/UK)
1702.2 Combination with cryoablation
  T.M. Wah (Leeds/UK)
1702.3 Combination with TACE
  T. Meyer (London/UK)
1702.4 Combination with SIRT
  M. Seidensticker (Magdeburg/DE)
  18:30-19:15, Auditorium 2
SY 2001 Are all microwave technologies the same?
  Moderator: J. Amaral (Somerville, NJ/US)
2001.1 Are all microwave ablation devices the same?
  C.T. Sofocleous (New York, NY/US), P. Wiggermann (Regensburg/DE)